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Recently, there have been quite a fuzz over Planet X or Nibiru. Some say that it’s fictional while other believe that it is real.



Nibiru means “The planet of the crossing” and its occupants are called the Annunaki’s, meaning “Those who from heaven come to Earth”. The Sumerians were the first to have had encounters with the Annunaki’s, they regarded them as the giver of knowledge and everything that the Summerians knew, supposedly came from the Annunaki’s.

It is a well known fact that the Summerians were highly advanced and they were great astronomers. They were able to predict natural occurrences 50 years in the future. And it is also a well known fact that the Sumerians have had knowledge and correctly described the outer planets, like Ur****, Neptune, and Saturn, long before we discovered them. Their descriptions were made facts when the Voyager spacecraft flew by those planets and took pictures.


Ancient Summerian Tablet

How did the Sumerians know about these planets? Their sizes and locations thousands of years before we discovered it? They don’t have any tools, these planets are impossible to see even if you spend your lifetime looking up the sky.

Answer. The Annunakis, there is no doubt that the Summerians had allies that taught them all these stuff. It is evident in Summerian artifacts that the Annunaki’s were welcome visitors before.


Now that the planet Nibiru is nearing and should be visible in the next few years. It raises a question. Many fear that Nibiru’s presence in the solar system will cause such unimaginable disasters that will wipe out the human race. If they were our allies before wouldn’t it be logical for them to at least give us a visit and warn us of the catastrophe?

It happened before with Noah, who built a big arc in preparation for the flood. In the Bible, it is said that God from the heavens instructed Noah to build the arc. But did you know that thousands of years before it happened, the Summerians already wrote about it in their stone tablets? It’s called the “Flood Tablet” which is at a British Museum right now. It talks about how a Summerian is chosen by the Annunaki to build an arc in preparation for a flood. Coincidence?

Anyways, as much as this is evidence of the existence of the planet Nibiru. This is also evidence that aliens exists and they have been closely working with us since the beginning of time. The Summerian civilization is the farthest in history that we know of today.

That answers 2 question for you. Are aliens real? and Does Nibiru exist? As to what will happen when Nibiru finally comes? Let’s wait til 2012.

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  1. raven

    to hell with niburu i stil haven’t done anything i want i’m stil 17 still to young but i belive in god even if i die he’ll save our spirits screw ur niburu ,,l,,


    HI ALL

  3. Mal Havock

    Wow. i am glad to see that as Americans we are raising such dimwits. You want to know about god?? read the bible, and realize there is not reference to god, but rather GODS in Genesis, realize that Jesus, if he existed is probably an alien, that the egyptian pharaos were thought to be gods, and had the shape of an aliens head, and aliens are referenced all through the bible. We were probably put here by superior intelligenced beings who are what we see as god. Research it a little, or just keep believeing in your all knowing physical figure. Let him save you.

  4. N3N@

    hahahahahahahahaha yall r ghetto. this is the first time ive heard about planet x. whaat bout pluto. that aint a planet anymo. i dont think planet x is a planet an it even exist.

  5. wesley

    i like this article.. It seemed u enjoyed writing about it. I have actually touched the flood tablet as i study ancient translations (like the nag hammahdi) and u are absolutely correct in ur description. Just keep in mind that the flood story wasnt the only story christians stole from previous cultures, in fact the whole savior on the cross story, ressurrection, miraculaous birth, etc was also stolen froma summerian religion called i believe its spelled mithraism or mithra or something like that.. It could be that aliens use the same “seeds” to start the same religion/controls on us every time to prepare us for ur planet x.

  6. **MaryLynn**

    I believe in aleins but no one in the rest of my family does i want to lots of rersearch on them cause i want to know if they ar4e rteal ……….

  7. Morpheous

    Hello there, children. I very much believe something may happen in the year 2012 but nothing bad. Perhaps enter the 4th dimension if we have not already entered this new world… I also believe in aliens but those pictures i can gurantee are NOT real. I’m also an atheist so in my opinion this thing, GOD? means nothing to me and my life.

  8. Neo

    I’m watching a film called 2012 right now, its pretty immense really. I love disaster movies( knowing they arnt real) but… with this movie i just know it will happen, even if its not in 2012 i just have a feeling ill live to see the world come to a hault!

    You can’t even discuss this subject with many people because a lot of them are skeptic or just too scared to believe it! 2000 was ment to be the end of time, but that wasn’t predicted by the mayans, and nothing happend… except a thunder storm (well in britain anywho) So yeah, im preparing myself… thought how you can seriously prepare for the end of the world?!



    REPORTING: Master Obi Wan Kenobi (reincarnated as Paschalis Ra kitzis) on Dulce, Area 51 and Cheyene mountain underground alien facilities used to construct Terminators & soul less zombie clones.

    There is growing speculation on events to occur in the year 2012. The untold truth is, there is a treaty signed in between the aliens (shadow government), and humans on earth (secret government), which expires on 21st of December 2012. This is where all destruction scenarios come from related on 2012, the most probable nowadays, seems to be an all out nuclear war, followed by war of remaining humans with NORAD skynet machines/clones. The nuclear war is why FEMA is storing a lot of biodegradable coffins outside many USA major cities (i.e. they already know it).

    As a Jedi I was taught, on how to overcome all difficulties, in my past life. I was happy to find out few teachings of the old Jedi religion were copied into Hinduism religion here on earth:

    They of whom no creature stands in fear, and those, that do not fear any creature themselves, they, that look upon all creatures, as their own selves, succeed in overcoming all difficulties.
    They that never practise deceit, they, whose behaviour is restrained by salutary restrictions, and they, that control all worldly desires, succeed in overcoming all difficulties.
    They that have checked all the qualities that appertain to Passion and Darkness, that are possessed of high souls, and that practise the qualities that are called Good, succeed in overcoming all difficulties.

    For me, that’s the Jedi way, it has always been, and shall be -for ever and ever-, and those are the reasons, I have decided to write this report for you, and dig down the rabbit whole to find out what the Matrix really looks like today here on earth?

    In the future, there is growing evidence that Skynet machines devised and operated by the dragonians (with 2 revelations horns on their head), will exterminate en large 94% of the population with a nuclear world war. The surviving 6% will go on fighting with skynet machines. Helicis will be their worst enemies ever. Human resistance will have to face aerial HK models A5, A8, A9 & HK Centurion (named after its inventors i.e. Centauri dragonians), and Terminators T200, T600, T800 & T1000. Human beings captured during war of machines will be used for tissue cloning experiments, and will be terminated by machines in labour camps setup by machines in various parts of the world (USA, China, Skopjie underground facilities). In any case a lot of them will be used to feed the saurians/Dragonians.

    In USA:

    1) Dulce base: Controlled by Grays, and high rank Dragonian species (ones with wings). In the deep underground levels of Dulce thousands of human beings are kept in cryogenic refrigerators, in a similar way, we humans would store a chicken to our fridge. Basically, they are kept as part of cloning experiments, and as a readily available food source for the Nephilim (dragonians). I agree with Liakopoulos that for centuries the Nephilim consumed human flesh and fed on human souls’ energy, and I am afraid they still do so, right below your feet, even in American soil! I know, it sounds unbelievable, that we are actually the food of hostile alien species, operating right below USA/CHINA/SKOPJIE, in countries even believed to play a leading role in global domination…. All American Presidents never really asked where the hell are their Dragonian clones made? They are grown to fully adults, within 3 days, in Dulce fast growing clone facilities, controlled by the Matrix sentinels (kthulu).

    2) S-4 (Area 51): Also controlled by the Saurians/Dragonians. This is a test field for Vril and dragonian weapons, designed and constructed underground. There is already a space war started, in between humans behind the sun and dragonians here on earth and towards Centauri (similar to that shown to battlestar Galactica). Area 51 is the place where dragonians use 3 timegates / 3 stargates in order to enter/leave our planet. They can move in mass quantities every 52 years, that is the time taken for those stargates to open and operate periodically, without any external power supply.
    3) Cheyene Mountains: this is where dragonians create Terminator robots (vimeo skynet), which will be sent someday in the near future, to fight with human beings inhabiting surface. Similar bases exist in China, Mongolia, Britain, Germany. They mainly use deserts as their bases, as they like warm weather conditions, and brown colour. War of machines is indeed inevitable, and the cloning experiments of Dulce base are aimed on creating machines capable of penetrating human defences with a human like appearance.

    If you use google earth you will observe that all those 3 underground installations are all found in USA, within a straight line. That is because they are connected underground by a huge artificial tunnels Network.


    In Greece, the country I am currently living in, there are 4 well documented entry points for Dragonians spaceships:

    1) mount Ipsarion in Thasos (a lot of them can be observed flying over the passage through Nestos river),
    2) Mount Taigetos in Peloponese,
    3) Mount Psiloritis in Crete, and
    4) mount Parnitha in Athens.

    North Greece will be hard hit from 2011-2018. By 2018 everything will be over.


    In Skopje (Former Yugoslavia), there are well known entrance points of dragonians/Saurians/controllers. A lot of tissue cloning/man eating experiments are currently being conducted in deep underground installations in Skopjie.

    I have personally seen photographic evidence of a Vril spaceship was brought down by Olympians (EL), one and a half months ago, to a mountain (close to mount Gerontas) above Chrysoupolis (Kavala, Greece), not far from where I live. The subterranean Vril spaceship was luminous cigar shaped, and it could move into water as well. Indeed Vril live in deep underground bases here on earth, moon & Mars. The Greek army tried to open the spaceship with diamond drills, but was utterly unsuccessful, as the spaceship was made of plasma. The Americans set up an undercover operation, and removed all physical evidence within 24 hours….

    There is crop circle evidence , a large allien fleet is coming on earth, in between 20th May and 6th of June 2012. An alien species 3-4 meters height, with highly advanced technology, is going to visit us.
    I have to mention to Alex Colier that : Those are the alien species that defeated dragonians and kicked them out to the alpha dragonis system in the past. They cleared the surface of our planet and gave humans a chance to inhabit their planet with no problems. They temporarily freed earth, but few of the dragonians who went underground earth, never really quit their dominion ideas. And they started devising those RFID microchips, deadly viruses and nanomachines so that to occupy human bodies, and make a glorious come back this time to permanently reclaim earth surface. Now, that explains why dragonians are in such a hurry, to implement a robot based domination of earth. They claimed this planet is theirs, 3500 years ago, and they still feel that’s the way it is. But they could not defeat the Andromedan Jedi.

    Vrihaspati said: A wicked person is he who proclaims the faults of others, and who remains silent when the merits of other people are proclaimed in his presence, feeling a reluctance to join in the chorus.

    But what do those dragonians (Teros/Deros/Illuminated/Grays/wicked ones) living inside undercavernous earth, believe about humans: they either believe that they are consumable, or in rare cases, they don’t care at all, they think they are a waste of time and resources. They don’t want as to go out of earth as suggested by famous astrophysicist, Steven Hawkings, and obtain extra resources for our survival. Instead we are their consumables, and their resources.
    This economic global collapse is orchestrated by dragonians.


    They that are possessed of courage and that, casting away all fear of death, engage in battle, desirous of victory by fair means, succeed in overcoming all difficulties. They that always speak truth in this world, even when life is at stake, and that are exemplars for all creatures to imitate, succeed in overcoming all difficulties.

    LORD VADER (referring to dragonian death star spaceship):

    Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force.


    The dark side they are. Once you start down the dark path, forever it will dominate your destiny!

    You are by any means encouraged to spread all this information mentioned herein above to anybody you feel is likely to like / dislike it.


    All the good which is attained with difficulty in this world is possessed by the wicked, is soon lost to them.

    If you feel there are questions you need to address, please write to Ben regarding underground bases on: maphteah@yahoo.com, and will do my best to answer them.

  10. Soul

    i dont believe in god that much much i dont think he will save our spirits or any thing but how would another planet cause a disaster to our planet. doesnt make much sense

  11. Daron

    Just the fact that u mentioned something form the bible is convincing enough that this isn’t real.

  12. makes no sense

    I dont believe in all of this 2012 stuff. recently i went to a church and they said the end is very near and that the end is good,i mean i love god and he wouldnt want us to suffer! i thinik this is just bad! i mean yes there are diasters,but not caused by god! god is suppose to save us not cause all of us to suffer! he did say he was going to come back,but ne never said on 2012.if u all believe this u must be stupid! god will never cause us to suffer:)

  13. MAK

    Mal Havock
    Jan 14, 2009, 8:14 am
    Wow. i am glad to see that as Americans we are raising such dimwits. You want to know about god?? read the bible, and realize there is not reference to god, but rather GODS in Genesis, realize that Jesus, if he existed is probably an alien, that the egyptian pharaos were thought to be gods, and had the shape of an aliens head, and aliens are referenced all through the bible. We were probably put here by superior intelligenced beings who are what we see as god. Research it a little, or just keep believeing in your all knowing physical figure. Let him save you.
    um……yeah im sure your theory makes more sence than anything else even though 85% of people on earth beileve in a god but no im sure we came from aliens.

    we all came from a god,aliens are our brothers(if they do exist)not our superiors

  14. suryanjali

    i believe that the aliens are real because they r believed by our ancesters that the aliens as god. like lord siva, jesus christ,egypt mummies all are the believes be the same because they have some powers as where given by the aliens like angels,saha devas..so i mean that aliens are most advanced powers they have been used.i believe in god i.e., aliens

  15. suicidextreme

    Don’t be scared, be brave. Let the Lord help us all.

  16. Nismo

    *we dont need nibiru*

  17. brianna

    i believe in god and why would he make the world go end i have proof that the world wont end they say thaat to make people scared go on nasa on 2012 video said that there is no doomsday or nothing he saids its a fake so theres your answer

  18. FAV

    Buen post! lo, ley con google traductor, pienso en ser ovnólogo o astrónomo, o mi mayor pasión, corredor de carreras, haha
    de acuerdo con mis estudios, la ruta del planeta “X” se vé muy ilógica!
    pero igualmente y sin duda es un buen post! ;)


    Well supposedly,the South Pole Telescope was built to find ,watch and keep an eye on Nibiru.Why is it hard to believe that there is a rogue planet or brown dwarf that cuts through our solar system every so many years.Space is so vast.What makes this “body” hard to see is it is approaching Earth from the south side.So,if it is real.People south of the equator will see it before everyone else.Notice in that Sumerian tablet that it has 11 planets around the sun?You want to know more.Read Zacharia Sitchen’s books.He translated the Sumerian tablets and believes in Nibiru.The funny thing is.You won’t find his books in the fiction area.Meaning,it’s not thought of as make believe.

  20. Jason Herr (odd fox)

    sounds possible, it would explain why we didn’t see it in our earlier sky-watching.
    but i tell you if this did happen, that is a bone day right there.
    depressing thought, if that does happen, what was the point?
    as humans we were fed this theory of a higher purpose.
    a point.
    where is that now?
    life is such an un-finished story.
    even in sci-fi, ending to a series never truly comes.
    no dasterdly ending.

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