Alien Pictures – Proof That Aliens Exist

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The number of proofs that aliens exists are overwhelming. Abductions here and there, sightings are everywhere and there are tons of alien pictures scattered on the internet. Sadly though, there are some people who are intentionally publishing fake alien pictures just for the sake of publicity. And those real ones are quickly covered up by the government and tagged as fake. So now, the burden of identifying real alien pictures is left to the public.

I compiled some alien pictures that I saw on the net. You decide whether they are real or not.

Basing on the quality of the picture, this is probably one of the alien pictures taken. Notice the hairless skin, big eyes and contorted head. This alien can be associated with the popular greys. I asked one of my associates opinion and she said it’s probably a human who just got sick and everything. What’s your opinion?

alien picture

Probably another Roswell incident. In this picture it is clearly shown that an official is shaking hands with an alien, the alien seems unfamiliar with the action. A concrete proof that the government is indeed in contact with the aliens for quite some time now.

A really amazing alien autopsy! Of course many people already tagged it as fake but it sure looks real for me. Seems like the aliens are not the only one who’s doing some experimenting. Makes you wonder what the aliens do to us humans when one is abducted.

Based on this aliens head injury, he probably got into a big fight and ended up dead. Was it with a human? We’ll never know unless he talks : )

Anybody who will deny that to be an alien is probably out of their minds. Look at how disproportionate the eyes are with the head. I wonder who was keeping alien alive. Does he want to save the alien? or keep him alive for further experimentation?

This alien picture was supposedly taken at an autopsy in Roswell. Probably one of the victims of the UFO crash landing in 1947, which the government is denying upto now.

alien picture

I remember this alien picture creating a big stir before. If you’ll notice, there seems to be a little alien creature crossing the street. This fellow sure can’t pass as a kid and it is a bit too perfect to be an optical illusion. You decide.

Alien Skull

An alien skull. Look how small the face is. It’s like the eyes, nose and mouth are grouped together and notice how big the eye sockets are and they’re egg shaped.

I got this last one just to make you laugh a bit… I wonder what the aliens are going to do with the cow? Milk it maybe : )

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  1. Sydney

    Thanks for helping me with a project!

  2. Alien Shmalien

    1 Answer to this: ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS3 – Anybody can edit these pictures or make pictures like these.

    Videos can also be made like the ones available on the net!

  3. Aaron

    I know this sounds crazy but the “alien” in the top picture could be a human around 11-15 years of age with a severe case of neglect and progeria. I would assume the eyes could be a result of massive pressure from the cranial cavity or a severe case of glacoma. I am a scientist, and it is my job to examine the unknown. But in this case, I can only use one of my five senses to examine the evidence that you provided. That is not much to go on. Just my two cents.


    Aaron L Bogucki
    Health Teacher
    Hidden Oaks Middle School
    Palm City, Florida

  4. Devinn Chamberlain

    i do believe that this are real photos. its amazing…yet freaky…at the same time.

  5. veronica mcgovern

    hey im veronica mcgovern and when i get older before i go to serve our country i want to hunt for aliens but i do not want ot harm them they are amazing creatures and i am outraged that people would doubt them well i am 13 yrs old and thats it i cant wait until i go to colledge wish me luck

  6. ali

    woa i like the pic with the cow and the “alien crossing the side walk

  7. JT

    I’m sorry to dissapoint you but most of these are hoaxes….Although honestly i must give some considerate thought to the second picture……I really can’t tell if that one is real or fake…It would be very probable that, that one is not a hoax….
    Yet on the other hand i really do not believe that the government would release such evidence of alien life….. One things for sure, were not alone… Yet if another intelligent race(s) of space faring creatures have found us is another question………

  8. PETER

    well, i’m really impressed with the pics, but ………………! i stil find it hard to believe aliens or UFOs are real, ……………..i’ve seen a lotta “too real” alien pictures, which turned out to be either computer generated images or Hoaxes…………… but i’m really interested in finding out if aliens are real or not.

  9. flerx

    nice pics

  10. Dr. O

    I might start considering those are aliens once the U.S. government finally comes clean about all the nuclear testing and human experimentation it was involved in and the mutation effects of radiation. Roswell is about 2 hours away from Alamogordo… home of the first atomic testing at Trinity. Given that the majority of the testing was conducted in remote areas of New Mexico, Nevada and the Pacific Islands… one can only wonder how many Indigenous people died or were harmed as a result!

  11. ashley clay

    this is really creepy sry but i do believe that ailiens r real for some reason i mean look at these pics and the pics of ufo and there r ufos’ round and bout in my area sometimes it is weird.JUST THINK ONE DAY THEY MIGHT SHOW UP AT UR DOOR AND MIGHT EAT UR BRAINS NOT TRYING TO MAKE U WANT TO BARF BUT REALLY.I MEAN MY FRIENDS AND I BELIEVE IT WINTER RAE AUTUMN LINDSEY CANDACE MADISON SAVANNAH BAILEY AND OLIVIA

  12. daxter da pimp

    i belive a kid i know from school named ian bass is an ailen because he has a big head and he smells like space crap and hes relly short he also wants to rule hell

    his eyes are hudge and he humps pepoles legs
    he also is bald and he has no nose and no genatles and he speakes a gay languge
    knwn as queer dar

  13. rara

    bahah k . they abduct cows because cows have close to the same blood type as humans. and they are trying to do expriements by combining them with us.

  14. the great jd

    F@ck the aliens. I did!

  15. Surya

    Hi , I am surya. I have so interested on this aliens topic but i don’t it is correct or not.
    I am 21 years old young boy . Please tell me detailed information about these aliens.

  16. prasad

    Everrything cannot be a hoax, Aliens do exist.

    it is foolishness to say that no life exists in this huge universe apart from earth.

  17. lexx

    I wish veronica lots of luck!

  18. Mizie

    Me too!! I am Brandis partner and this helped us win our debate!

  19. serr420

    the first 3 pictures are fake and have been proven as fake. i’ve seen the ufo pic before but without the cow. i believe that one to be 50% fake. i would like to believe the rest to be genuine, but you never know with all of the disinformationist submitting fake pics to discredit any real ones. peace

  20. princessrosie_79

    I would be more scared than ever if I ever saw an alien that looked like the one in the third picturew something about that picture really scares me.

  21. Adecozi

    The 3rd alien is the scary thing that I have ever seen.

  22. Sidney Htut

    The first, third and the last pictures are really amazing. So realistic that I first wondered if they could be fakes.
    However, having a closer look, they pretty much correspond to what I have heard about alien anatomy; no well developed musclular system (they don’t need to do manual labour), big skull (to accommodate the highly developed brain), large eye sockets & large eyes (to allow 180 degree vision), small nose & mouth (they don’t consume food like us, but live on highly nutriments).
    The sixth picture has five fingers, which does not seem to correspond with popular descriptions of them, and no sex organ (how would they reproduce? self fertilisation as in hermaphrodites?). I suspect it could be a hoax.

    Aliens of this genera are like humans who have advanced so much in evolution than us and the anatomy transforms itself into its requirements. We humans could become like them one day if evolution is allowed to mould us before extinction. They are believed to dwell in a planet that situates on the other side of our galaxy.

    I am impressed with the details of the skull in the last photo. The features are symmetrical generally in both sides, but not a mirror image, as we may encounter in a human skull. It would be difficult to make a hoax! If it were, I would congratulate the perpituator.

    I wondered how you have collected the images; if you could mention a source or a reference it would be nice. Congratulations for your effort!

  23. DismalDahlia

    @ Aaron.
    Mr Aaron, would you be able to explain the mutilated head shape of this “teen”?

  24. Andrew

    I don’t really know what to say.
    It could be diseases for peopl
    But then again..
    If somebody could get pictures from the FBI or somthing. They would be sent to jail, wouldent they..?

  25. Mr. I have 100% Proof of Aliens!

    My proof is that we have an entire universe to fill! We can’t be the onlt ones out here people! WAKE UP!

  26. CURRY

    Well if you look at the first pic and then look at the 3rd pic, its layin on the same metal bed. i think the first pic was its head cut open and the other is before.I mean if there going to cut it open from the chest whats stoppin them from cuttin its skull open and looking at its brain.

  27. TonyNova

    i want to see a picture of an actual “Nordic”. I heard the females are attractive. its hard to believe an alien could be sexy after looking at these pictures.

    To Aaron, maybe the face could be a human neglected very badly, but those eyes, no its not a human!

  28. Shrey Pokharel

    I am a school student studing in Nepal and i am studing in grade 10.I am keenly interested in this topic and once a time i nearly made up my mind to be a ufo(aliens existence) researcher but when i found that this topic was not taught then i gave up.even if i have given up i again want this topic for me and i want to help you out.i have heard from many of the people talking about their meet with the aliens.if you want to make a documentary research then you can visit our country and i can help you out for this.I am currently staying at kathmandu of our country and studing at KMC school situated at sankamul,,if u think u need my help then i am there for can share with me.and be in touch.and can u mail some of the imformation’s about it including the pictures and video clips on e-mail address

  29. davis

    i love aliens

  30. davis

    i was abducted

  31. SpecialK

    Wow!!! I’ve seen alot of pictures of different skulls from the past found. Not surprised that other’s have been found in the present. Big skulls runs in my daughters , fathers side, and she and her sisters were born with unusually big heads. Maybe he’s a missing link to the star children. Dunno, just searching for answers.

    The cow mutilations are probably caused by the military. They have lost something and their searching for it, because it is very important to them. Probably something that would use the cows as a host. Fact has been known to be stranger than fiction.

    I look at the eyes and think of bee’s for some reason. The oval look. Wonder what is happening to all the bee’s???…..but that is a seperate issue than aliens. Or is it?

  32. bailey

    you are going too bealive this those are fake stuff

  33. smart guy

    the picture with the ufo and the cow is probably real.I read somewhere on the net that aliens feed off of the …..i think it was membrians or something like that,of cows.

    i could be wrong though….. :D

  34. smart guy

    love the pic with the cow!!!!! :D

  35. Blazer4427

    These pictures are so not real expressly the last one any body with computer brains can do that even i can

  36. basketballchick

    i think they are real i just never seen one

  37. RO

    Wow. Nice movie props! :D

  38. Hollywood_Star_Conley

    the 1st photoh looks so real. Is it of is it not? who took it?

  39. Jinx

    All I can say is the poor cow didn’t deserve it :(

  40. AhBoy

    & hey hey i agree with prasad!
    the universe is out thr so big!! who can say there is only US?? *HUMANS* ??
    There are aliens out there. But there’s only none scientific proof!! Hey Devis if u don’t believe in it why comment?

  41. AhBoy

    davis no offence pls :D

  42. derek and blake

    ALIENS ARE REAL!!!!! whoever thinks they are fake is a retard and will be abducted by aliens!

  43. Chandana

    recently there were aliens seen in Sri Lanka. and some of them have been photographed. They have landed around 5.30pm and left around 7.30 pm. This has happened in Western province, kalutara District, in Sri lanka. I also have some of the Photographs.

  44. sly

    Yrl all are sooths from my side

  45. Abyss

    Evidence of intense reaction to alcohol consumption in aliens

  46. are you real

    are you ral

  47. are you real

    are you real or fake

  48. David swars

    You have to be Kidding if think “GOD” can’t make other’s maybe He wanted to make more than one kind of species who are we to judge What GOD has in his Mind

  49. damian

    yeah i have seen sevrel ALIENS in my life i have talked to one now i dont go outside

  50. Jaytee

    im a 19 year old kid from new zealand jus getting into all this stuff, i jus wanted to say that when i was younger i used to think that people who believed in aliens were stupid….. but when u think about it, science teaches us to believe that our world is a dot compared to our sun, they also teach us that our sun is a dot compared to suns in other solar sytems, and they also say that the amount of solar systems in existance are infinite and unknown……. well if that is true, the amount of planets in existance would also be very great, and for a person to think that out of ALL these planets in existance, that we are the ONLY planet to sustain life? THAT… is stupid. aliens are real, its just that “aliens” is the one used word for the infinite species/races/types of beings out there. our planet started from scratch an look where it is now, who is to say another planet could not do the same?
    but yes, my point? “aliens” most obviously ARE real.

  51. Kacey

    My name is Kacey
    I am a kid and I am getting quite cautiouse abou these “aliens” You know with the norway spiral in russia its scary so can anyone please PLEASE tell me what is going on!!?? Im suffering!! i cant take it anymore i dream of aliens coming and ubducting us all what i think and hoping is that thier fake its impossible how were they created how did they survive were did they get the tools to make a ship explain that!??

  52. Kacey

    Oh god,
    If you look on the third picture you can see a HUMAN HAND IN THE BACK that means that one has been caught and examind speking of caught how did they catch it???
    wow i am taking this to seriously

  53. bob(:

    But its cool(: some of them pics do look real tho and its SCARY!!!!!! (: buh bye

  54. Jaytee

    hey kayc, about your hoping there fake, how were they created, an all, they most likely would hve been created the same way we were, evolution, an how did they survive? haha, u think humans are the only species to survive in this universe? ohw, and how did they build there ships? well obviously they have far more advanced technology than us, most probably because theyve been in existance longer than us. i mean, look at humans, we have advances in technology almost evryday, scientist discover more and more, it wont be too long before we will build ships that can self sustain while in space. and abductions? well maybe thats a bit too far, but you never kno? if we built a ship to go discover new worlds and galaxies, wouldnt u want to go research and find out how things work, what life the place sustains, and how evrything “ticks”? theyre most likely doing the same.

  55. heather

    thx i love you guys you helped me with a project

  56. looking for alien proof gir

    this is all cleary fake. these pictures are from a movie ! you can tell if you look closly! i am not doubting aliens ! i certainly belive. i am not sure though so i look up proof. the skull could be made out of clay. for all we know the cow rising into the space ship could just be a painting or another movie shot. the one i truly think is true is the one where you see the little alien walking down the street. then again what i doubt is why would the alien just be parading around infront of aliens ???


  57. looking for alien proof gir

    EVERYONE !!! stop saying aliens are fake because thats your opinion ! there could be aliens out there ! think about ! how would these rumors spread? websites, specials on the history channel,articcles,sightings! DONT BELIVE MOVIES !!!! ONLY REAL PROOF !

  58. alfian

    i believe its real but its that alien really shaking his/her hand with the cop/police officer?

  59. gustavo

    man this is what mayans have been trying to say aliens are going to come to earth and wipe out all human kind

  60. Lt.Mark White

    1947 picture was a fake…. it was 2 guys in a car geroge.they even came out saying they did it… this website is fake

  61. Texasguy

    Aliens are walking out planet people. One day, all you who are saying there are none, will wake up and have no choice but to belive when they are right in front of you. Yes they are in the Galaxy somewhere, I belive in aliens, and have been all my life. My 2 cents, And I know people who have been abducted, read this site, Please if you are, Leave a comment. Teach these people who don’t belive know the truth.

  62. melky

    I believe there might be Aliens and things like that out there, However this is my doubt of many of the pictures of the dead alien’s picture…. so they like to show the pictures, but
    how about the PROOF, real proof of the dead aliens, their bones. why don’t they show the
    real proof instead of sending pictures? because they are not real pictures maybe?
    if they were real, then speak up and bring the local news, bring a bunch of people, witnesses to proof it. not until then…..I will say ok it’s finally out, finally true. otherwise is just a bunch of jokes.


    i definitely believe in aliens, but there is never any hard evidence to prove these pics are real.

  64. bobert

    the alien autopsy. if it is fake, then someone did alot of work on it. and they must have gotten creative too. look at the organs, theres no stomach,ribs,heart,lungs,kidneys. there are no oragns to be clearly seen.

  65. doodlefred

    Aliens do exist dude! One time i saw an shuttle flying and disappeared, im not joking!

  66. mitchell

    i think that god made galxesys for many reasons and othe life is one


    Not real at all. Not only because I just don’t believe it but because I’ve studied the government and the secrets behind it. The satanic organizations that’s over the president, the “illuminati” and the “Freemasons” are formed of the wealthiest families in the world. It’s a highly secretive organization bent on creating a one-world government system with the powers of Satan (or Lucifer as they call him). One way that they use to scare everyone into believing in aliens is by producing government aircraft with highly advanced systems that they haven”t exposed to the U.S (why do you think that everything they do is “Top Secret?) They even use radio waves and music to “hypnotize” the weak-minded people. For an example, hip-hop used to be a pure expression of thought, but now that artists are “selling their souls” to the illuminati (or the devil) the illuminati has changed our it to music about greed, killing and sex. They even enchant the music with satanic spells so that the weak-minded will follow what the lyrics say. But hey believe what you want. I mean, if you want to believe in aliens then you are doing exactly what the illuminati wants you to do. No one have found, aliens do not exist. It’s just Satan’s plot to through the world into fear and confusion through sci-fi and to keep people from believing in God.

    P.S. Those “aliens” who “speak” with you are not aliens, they are Satan’s angels who formed themselves into “aliens”. I’ve studied alien behavior and they do the exact same thing as satanic demons. Satan and his angels do not look like aliens or monsters, but like angels. But they can change their form into whatever they want. I’ve noticed that the “alien abductions” are just in the mind. They harm the body the same way as a demon would a possessed human. Don’t believe in aliens, just know that it’s Satan and his demons posing as aliens to promote fear, scientific theories which contradict God and atheism, trust me, I’ve dd my studies and it’s very real.

  68. alex

    i am at a High School library right now doing some research about the topic. personally, i used to think aliens were real…but now i think they are fake. Most of the pictures above are props from movies. really people..really? aliens are not real. but if you have any actual proof that aliens are real, please email me for more info on the subject. really because there are galaxies out there. tons. but GOD created us. not aliens. aliens are NOT real!!!
    thank you and have a nice day.

  69. Daraab Amin

    Aliens hav left many things on our planet but it is not compulsory that all of em r tru.
    crop circles can b created easily with teknology. and the government is not in secret contact with da aliens, its just crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Dixie

    Damn!!!! thats freaky! i always knek aliens exist,but now one belives me only my cuzins and bro but thats it!! but now i want 2 show every 1 that they do exist!!! thanx so much 4 getind these images up here hopfully pepole wont think im crazy any more and i have see a ufo and watching the 4th kind made me belive and these photos! but im only 12 AND TRUST ME I HAVE SEEN UFOS BE4 ASK MY CUZINS THEY HAVE SEEN THEM 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. rani

    excellent superb…….. i wish to see one in my real life………. thank u people lot

  72. cool kid 105

    ok people. aliens are real. 1st proof is look at all the ancient civilization art. they all show signs of aliens. specially egyptians. and think about it, how in the world can egyptians build the great pyramids. they really needed the help on other intelegent life to build them beacause they did not have the technology or power to move 4 ton bricks upon each other to stack it up perfectly. you gotta think about it. every ancient civilization has its proof for alien existance through their art.

  73. sam

    I believe in roswell autopsy (Je suis canadien et je crois a 100% a lotopsy de roswell et je suis sur ke les extra terestre son nos dieu donc je ne croi pas en la religion thanks )

  74. jeff

    Je crois q`un jour les être humain deviendront des aliens ou même des dieux c ce que je crois.

  75. kinsley

    umgh i kinda believe in aliens an them pics i just saw on tha website i don’t think that they r real. so it’s just a folk tale. :)

  76. kinsley

    ohh wait they aren’t real. by tha way tha older u get tha more u stop believein in them. dugh!!! and i don’t realy believe in them so it’s just mi opinion about aliens.


  77. jessie batchelor

    i think the one with you can see the insides is gross lol

  78. marzzmaddness

    i am making a research paper to figure out if aliens are real or not, looking at this i might be convinced that they alien life forms not just on earth.

  79. marzzmaddness

    why would the government hide this from us, and anyways they are not doing a very good job of it considering we are ready know a bit about the aliens, how are they going to cover it up and make everyone believe in them when everyone has their own opinion. so why lie why not just say “we found aliens”?

  80. Mark

    On last note… Aliens do exist (in the vastness of space there is other forms of life).. The question is have intelligent life forms had contact with earth? Math alone makes this highly unlikely however only a fool would say impossible… Mankind has a knack of creating lies for hysteria making the truth hard to distinguish … Programs like SETI are a dangerous proposition considering we may not have sufficient technology to defend ourselves against alien aggression… Ancient art and architecture is compelling evidence however only a remote handful have any scientific backing and those are still being studied.. The fact is that any alien photo or craft that has some validation to it will be endlessly studied and that is how you can confirm it’s possibility of the real deal .. It is believed that Mankind itself is alien to this planet, and there is evidence to support this in biblical and scientifical data… I cant say its not true, cant say its false but i can say time will relieve all if we have enough time to find the truth… Unfortunately we may never find out because Mankind is hellbent on self destruction and desecration of our planet… I personally would like to know the truth before my time should pass but be careful what we wish for because the truth might not be worth knowing..

  81. Cynthia

    Wow….Nice shot but why did you kill the Alien???

  82. sebastain

    aliens are real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. reshma


  84. Alienlover222

    I think aliens are soooooo real!!!! I dream about them! I think there soooo cool! I wish I could be taken like the cow in that pic! :)

  85. kara xox

    i dont know if i belive in aliens or not. people say they are real. people say they are not real. you see them in films which probably don’t even look like them. but i think that they just might be real because we can’t be the only planet to have life there must be something else out there but now one has gone out that far yet to find out so belive what you wanna belive. xoxo gossip girl love all my mates. xx

  86. Sunako

    Aliens are so Real! 0.0
    Me and my friend see so many UFO where we live. -_- but no one will ever believe in us. XD i will take pictures next time. >:D

  87. Sunako

    YOU will see that we do see aliens and UFO!>:3

  88. Sunako

    oh by the way I’m doing a paper on Aliens and UFOs. I need some help. so if you could help me then you email me on yahoo. my Email is

    thanks :3

  89. N3Na

    lol i said the cow looked lyk my frend an she got mad. hahahaha ;0

  90. Diana

    I’m no scientist or anything but there are people out there with an open mind that believe aliens do exist somewhere. I’ve never had any kind of encounter but I do think we need to all keep an open mind that maybe, we’re not the only living beings.
    Otherwise, how did people start projecting what an alien or a UFO looks like? Someone must’ve seen something. And if all these claims of peoplehaving encounters or witnessing UFOs are indeed true and the descriptions of the power source they have are true… it would mean the end of mankind if aliens ever decided to kill off the Human Race. Because their technology is far beyond anything we have.

  91. N3N@

    i believe the first and seventh ones are real. Alienlover222 i also had a dream about some and it was a nightmare. this happened on 5/11/10. 2day its 5/12/10.. i still want to find out if hey’re real or not tho. i hope someday the gov will tell us the truth about them

  92. Eve (:

    Howdyy (: Im a 12 year old girl. And I’m just getting into this stuff. It’s very wickeddd..! When I look at these photos, and think about it, we were taught in science that the earth is one dot to the sun. and there are other solar systems.. and other plants with things on it.. ALIENS ARE REAL (:

  93. keanna

    wooooww!!!!!! thnx for sharing tohse pics i really think aliens are soooo kool!!!
    well not if they gone take me one daay hahahah!!! juss kidding bye :^)

  94. keanna

    hol on i have one more thing i do believe in aliens but if the aliens doesnt like the human race than why they not trying to take over ???…people are saying they dont like us if they didnt they would have been took over us or even killed us all dont you think???? i mean i kind of feell sorry for aliens becuss scientist or noisy maybe the aliens dont want them in thier business…..!!!!!

  95. Kathryn

    okay the very first picture could possible be human because if you look close enough then you can see pupils in the eyes even though they are very large. and later on in the autopsey picture it looks as though he has a human anatomy and human organs. I personally don’t think that if you find an alien then you should do an autopsey! NOOOO! that is totally wrong, i mean what has the alien ever done to you? Absolutly nothing! unless its totally evil and trying to kill you then you can kill it but if not then just take a picture and leave it alone! I would rather have it go off thinking earth is a kind planet and not attack it then if they thought we were evil because we keep aliens captured and do alien autopsies on alive aliens. Unles they are dead then leave them alone!

  96. superman

    alien aconcept that is beyond mystery

  97. superman

    a cow being lifted up seriously what do they want

  98. noah williams

    asome pictures but they freak me out

  99. red4761

    a yellow and red ufo lifting up a cow?now that’s just says prof that aliens are real but this just shows aliens are not real. da doy

  100. nereyda ruiz

    its very hurtfull to see images of aliens being death yea sure it does make us wonder if they do the same to a human , a question i been always wanted to ask ! are aliens being killed by our military goverment? if we be will get declared war by any type of aliens ? wouldnt you? cuz i know i will ,knowing dat we have send out to go out in a mission to explore other world and we know they dont came back o we discover we get keepd or kill ,it would probably make me declare war on that planet ? i cant imagen gettin under attack by aliens that come to reclaim there own , our goverment are really self unconsious in the bible states that man itself would be the rek of this world exploring out the world wen yet they havent explore this world first .. my gradmomma use to always tell me n my paps that aliens are not coming to harm us but to tell us something to help us i really didnt understand wat she realy ment but one you thinking about everything n you start puzzleling up the clues you can tell their here to tell us something is gonna happen like either we will be next planet mars the sun is gettin bigger or we getting close to the sun o earthquakes , or any rekk my grdmomma believe in aliens some about a alien wit to huge roundish eyes almost as if they glow like if also wearin a hat sombrero look like but attach to it crazyy huh dam but i believe n i also believe that the people that say o hear noises o see people that are death are aliens not the real death wat you think about the questions i had been wanting to ask , will one day we bee under attack by aliens ? would they declare war on earth?

  101. nereyda ruiz

    Just like us who are curious of what is out there in space, the aliens seemed to be curious about the tether, they probably didn’t know that our spaceship was observing from afar.

    We may be of different species but we are all the same curious creatures that are looking for answers. How did we go about exploring space and different planets? What prompted us to start searching for life on another planet? What prompted us to learn more about the universe? Curiosity…Right? Now, we can’t be the only one’s who have the right to be curious.

    The aliens are just like us. They evolved, they learned technology, got curious, started exploring

  102. Rachel

    I don’t know i don’t think we’d have these websites provided if we for sure knew if aliens were real, i think that the public would have been exposed to these creatures if we were certain that they exist

  103. laing

    officially i think al of this is real aliens are always in my neigborhood they wander around at midnight so no one leaves there pets out and some are communicated to even i almost went out beacause i felt something telling me to leave my house

  104. Iram

    Well these look like they are different from humans but i don’t believe that these pics are of real aliens. this may exist or this may even not. who knows what are they. i am a Muslim and our holy Quraan says that no aliens exist. And i believe in my religion. i think these pics are just nuisance to trick people. Yes talking about pictures these pics can be made using AdobePhotoshop. i don’t think these aliens and UFO’s exist. people should believe in GOD not SCIENCE. Even science too fails before God!

  105. kenneth neil

    i think these pictures of aliens are true except for the flying saucer capturing the cow..its funny though….im from the philippines and i’m much very interested with aliens and i want to see one for myself….good pix…………

  106. Ariana

    I don’t care if Aliens are real or not I just want to know the truth already. I mean I’m not going to lie I don’t believe these pictures mostly cause I’ve met people that are extremely good with photoshop and I’ve seen what they can do, but I do believe there is other living life forms out there the reason I believe that is because the whole universe is way too huge for there not to be I just want true evidence and good given facts, not just pictures you may or may not have found on google images.
    ~Ariana Guerra

  107. lydia wolfahrt

    hi i’m lydia and i’m 11 i think aliens are fake the last pitcure prooves my point the ufo and cow could could simply just be kites.

  108. Amanda Deal

    OK… here’s what I know.. the third pic of the autopsy is the first pic.. THEY ARE THE SAME.. (dare I say) Alien.. in the 1st pic the skull has been opened creating that dilapidated flap of skin.. compare the two..**CLOSELY** you will see.. and I do believe that this is an actual alien. Who are we..? We are too insignificant to be the only ones! Buzz Aldrin himself came clean… Is our government trying to keep this hush hush? who knows.. but one day (not necessarily our life time) something will make its presence known.

  109. mary duane

    im scared of aliens and i belive in them.But they better not come to earth id hert them so bad.And its not funny eiather there scary.

  110. yahyah

    do they eat people? im scared im only 12 and i live in florida. i do remember that one time i saw a light in the sky and it was just 1 of them. that was when me and my dad and my big brother when camping in the woods (not in florida) and there was a weaird sound like beeping and a lot of wind i was so scared. then it left like about 10 mins later (its the truth) up to this day i wonder if i saw a ufo. does ufos come in and oval kind of shape because if they do i saw one :( witha big light under the bottom of it.

  111. PEACE


  112. FROG

    yahyah very funny i kind of belive you because i saw the exact thing but it was huge bigger than a fake giant than the iffal tower and that id pretty big

  113. rachel

    girlfriend i saw the same thing as you and its still here and my U.F.O looks like a star that you draw with five star points and it flashes so bright and i no it`s not a star i can tell stars and itt makes beeping sounds and its bigger than a star.

  114. rachel

    ok that is not the date i sent that comment i sent it 2010 july 17

  115. rachel

    mary duane aliens are already on earth i have seen them and my friend might be one to and i think so cause her wrist i going kinda green and yellow and she is not sick or anything

  116. rachel

    mary duane i got a U.F.O in my street sky and i think there probing us too and i think i might be an alien too but i could just be paronoid

  117. April

    I Just Wanna Know If Alien’s Exist..Or Ir They Are Fake..? & kann Yhuu’ Put More Pikkture’sz..?

  118. x-treme gamer

    i think that ufo’s are real because i somtimes live with my uncle in the middle of nowhere with no electricity or running water and i saw an orange light next to a mountain and it just took off really fast and i was like WTF!!!!!!!

    btw i am a navajo an where i saw it was at indian wells arizona

  119. Dwish7

    Aliens are real like there are millions of galaxies and of course there would be some sort of life existing somewhere. Also many Scientist who had worked for NASA has revealed some TOP SECRET about Aliens. The American Government and other Government Agencies havd must made some sort of contact with Aliens, but they just wan to reveal it to the public, so many people wouldn’t get scared.
    I know that the American Government knows what Aliens look like because there was a UFO Crash Landing somewhere in 1947. And the Government just covered that up immdiately.
    But yea in the end i guess it’s the peoples opinion of what they believe. I guess you have to see it to believe it!!! :)

  120. Person

    I believe that there is life deep in ice or rock on other planets, which I have seen on the Discovery Channel™. Life may form, but not anytime soon. Maybe in thousands or millions of years or so.
    For ex. -

    Diamonds need millions if years of time to fully produce. In this case, a life form.

    In a religious way, if all humans go extinct, God will form a new life form, in this case “aliens”.

  121. Dave

    Aliens don’t have teeth, real ones I mean.. according to abducted people at least :]

  122. romio

    i think aliens are real. i watch a real movie of aliens upducting people. i don’t know about somepeople ,but aliens are real.

  123. Fagot 69

    Aliens there out there

  124. Hannah


  125. jordan

    Alright think about it….say our government is really doing secret testing etc on aliens then of course they would get pissed off and wage an all out war on us. But this is something anyone with an IQ above 10 can figure out. So any military guy would have already thought of this. Also, whats the real deffinition of an alien? a human sized lifeform with intelegance? yeah right. More likely if there are other lifeforms out there they are microorganisms. now from a religious standpoint, whos to say God didnt make other lifeforms? Why would He tell us about it in the Bible or Qurran or any religious book? another point for you guys sayin that the last picture with the cow proves it all false, IT EVEN STATES THAT ITS JUST TO MAKE YOU LAUGH!!!!!!!!! idiots cant even read. jeez, and these people vote too!! i also believe that all these pictures are fakes from movies or something. lets see some reall concrete proof that we have made contact. i mean you have got NASA and all them getting excited about possibly finding life on other planets, that means they would be just as stoked as us to make contact.

  126. ben

    I live in south tx and I have DEFINANTLY seen something I can’t explain to this day. It was almost midnight and I was driving home from my gfs house when I seen a GREEN light flash and in the sky. the green light looked like a bright star I guess but I could tell it was closer than stars are. the light didn’t move for 4-5 seconds. when it did move it moved slowly then faded away. you know that wasn’t no airplane or helicopter cuz the sky was clear. maybe a satalite? I doubt it. you people who beleive in God like myself don’t think there are aliens because in the bible it doesn’t talk about any other life forms. the bible doesn’t talk about dinosaurs either or says they ever existed but we have proof they did exist.

  127. tavis

    i believe in aliens because we arent the only things in the universe why do people say there are other dimensions and whats in them so you cant say they not real and that alien skull i think its true

  128. CJ

    i believe that most of those pics are real, and that the government has covered up alot of stuff and they probably are covering up alien existance too, our government is f***ed up

  129. JSLIC

    So basically its proven mathematically that aliens exist….want to see the proof? here it is 1 star in the sky that we see is not just one star it is lets say 1000000 okay so we have one star in the sky 1 million other stars in their galaxy. Now lets say in every galaxy there are 5 planets with the same properties as the earth. how many stars do u see in the sky? (if you live in the city then it wont nearly 1/20th the amount as if you are in the country) so lets estimate on a clear night for all the city folk 20. well right there we have 100 planets just like earth and lets say 20 have life forms well thats 20 planets in the universe with life. That is not a lot right? well thats if you live in the city. I have been to Massachusetts, all around northern canada and when i go there i see hundreds of thousands of stars and the scary thing is those are galaxies. So not to be disrespectful but it is completely ignorant to think that we are the only life forms with intelligence in our universe. The human race is not nearly as advanced as many of these planets in alternative galaxies could potentially be. Now a bigger question. Have aliens contacted humans? The answer is yes. If someone chooses to believe that aliens havent well look at some of the proofs out there. Roswell in the states in 1940s. Here is the biggest proof i can give you ENJOY :)

  130. samantha

    i think that aleins are not real. if you look up at the pictures anyone could of made a scupure and then took a photo. scientests could do that easy to get good publicity or to be famous.the last photo on thsi page could of been a remote controled ship and they could of added the cow in with a computer. if there were aleins how come when people go to space they never seem to find aleins. just think about it

  131. gabby

    I love this pic its kinda weird but u could see that inside of the of that thing

  132. Janet Oswald

    Wow ! aliens? seriously? its a weird thought, but what if they are real? i mean all those other planets out there , they are still existing and need to have someone to take care of them! why else would god have made them?! they have to have some use. i have read others stories and i mean its all about the bible the bible said nothing about dinosaurs but we have proof, the bible said nothing about cavemen but we have proof the bible says alot about adam and eve, were is the proof? I think its the same case with aliens. They have not yet been discovered mabey because god dosnt want them to be.Aliens life is just like ours but hiden somewhere else not to be discovered. God wants it that way. We should leave the aliens alone and let god handle what he created.he knows whaat hes doing. let him do it. N.A.S.A i hope your reading this and i hope u understand and do what should be done. – Janet

  133. Jaytee

    aliens may come december /26 /2012, for those who do not believe, study our most ancient begginings, before egypt, sumerian history. planet nibiru is returning, our tenth planet is about to re-appear for its near 6000 year orbit. check you tube for sumerian history and planet nibiru(a.k.a planet-x found by scientists who were looking for the planet thanks to sumerian history.)

  134. Zak dyer

    Hi, to all non believers is time to face the truth. Human technology rapidly evolved around 4000 years ago in the time of the Egyptians heirogyplhs came out of nowhere. Since then our technology has rapidly changed. We were helped by those who walk in the stars. Every single bigot should remember that we once believed the earth was flat. Man is not alone. Listen to the stars,see the dots let your mind be open and remember we are never alone we follow in the footsteps of those who came before

  135. michael

    alines are not real

  136. joe exall

    i realy dont think they are real but they might be so it might prove that aliens are real but i thnk they are not real so if eny of you have seen them or somethng to do with aliens i would realy see one my self then belive that they are real

  137. joe exall

    and about the crop thing but what do them thing come from about the crops it might be a messenge from the aliens cuz i have seen a crop thing in a crop but im not suprised if none of you belive me but i have

  138. conor hart

    i dnt belive in them but i would like to see one my self

  139. joe exall

    has eny one watched the film alien abduction i have i dont no if i sould belive inn it or not

  140. unknown

    its strange…… but surely nobody should give up hope its a bit to dull to live thinking that were all alone in the universe ????

  141. Jessica

    Ok i have so much to say after reading your comments so i am just gonna generalize it to ideas!

    people who think its cruel to kill aliens- It really isnt because…. they arent real! You might as well say its cruel to kill the tooth fairy….
    Whoever thinks the world is gonna end on 12/12/12- How did the computers crashing in 2000 work out for you?
    those who believe in ufos- try a broken satelite?
    people being abducted- drunk? asleep? or just plain insane?
    those who believe in aliens at all- you idiots!

  142. cynthia

    i beleave in them now

  143. rajuji

    these are definately not aliens but humans. Forensics arround the world know it. Dead human bodies are left out in open spaces in very tightly restricted areas. The bodies can be left out for more than a year.Human bodies are left out to sudy decompostion. you be surprised how deocomposed bodies start to look like– just like aliens i would say.

  144. MissUniverse

    ohh i dun thnk alienz are present.. according 2 me… itz all FAKE

  145. sparta98

    I’m relatively certain number 3 is fake. His insides are too dark to be correct. If his blood (acid, goop, taco sauce, whatever) is that dark, his skin should not be that pale. I’m assuming that his blood vessels are similar in function to a human’s though.

  146. KayKay1999

    wow these pics are amazing

  147. KayKay1999

    i wonder if that ubductoin photo is real looks real to

  148. KayKay1999

    i wonder if that ubductoin photo is real looks real to me

  149. saara

    i have aproject about aliens what to do?????????.

  150. ufo chick

    i have seen a alien in my backyard….
    cant tell you guys anythink cuz i swore not to say anythink :o

  151. johndavidday

    guys…..believe me i am a clairvoyant…….i saw once an alien or let us just say ufo……during new year…..i thought it was just afire from the fireworks…but it never disappeared…then it came across the sky….it is round,with strange peeking….. guyz pls tell me if its true or just an illusion

  152. Mirelli

    Yes aliens are real!!!!! And they aré nice ones they abduct others because humans harm them/kill them its not right to hurt them they aré like us there beautiful creatures that God made…. And they will go extinct if humans keep killin them or harmin them !
    Come on they dont do anything to us…. And yes 80% of these pics aré real. Please stop being a hater and sayin they dont exist

  153. kiki

    wow i didnt no they were real

  154. charles

    Aliens real or fake don’t know some of the technology humans have in today’s world makes you wonder how we came so far so fast. I have seen few weird things before when I was younger saw ship over Hammond Louisiana around the airport. Round like UFO was it spaceship or technology that came from another world that military used to create there own ships. It was the creepiest thing I ever saw in my life but the most amazing thing I have witness has well.

  155. cindychic

    aliens are not real you guys are nuts-god would not separate creaters from humans because we are sent to take care of all living things. :)

  156. trevor leaman

    alot of people belive and dont belive in aliens but if we can live on this planet why cant there be any thing else out there some where else? :p

  157. plopper

    I believe that Aliens are real, but they aren’t a threat. Just because we don’t understand them, doesn’t mean they’re dangerous, and that we should cut them open to solve our curiousness.

  158. Element k

    Among certain circles it is a fact that these beings are actually us from the future. Looking at the photos and knowing that evolution changes how the human body will in the future. With technology making day to day things we do easier, you wouldn’t need a muscular body. Knowing we human beings only use 10 to 20 percent of our brains, naturally over thousands of years your body would start to look like one of these pics. Quick question…think about it…how is there this mass conclusion that they look like this? Its always the same big head big eyes…hmmm? Why else would they come here and not attempt to make contact? When we landed on the moon, if there was beings there we would have made contact dont u think?

  159. Secret

    you do know all of this is fake…. the government hasnt or will ever show real proof of aliens or other specimens thats how these pictures are fake iI would know this becuase i have worked in various jobs and posts.. and broken some laws that i shouldnt have… but all I can tell you is that the Roswell Crash was real and the government took the bodies and their ship.. but later the aliens came back wanting the bodies and said we could keep their equipment..

    P.S i probably told you people to much

  160. Big Meane :(

    Who cares that aliens cool i think every body who commented on here are stupid exsap me !! :@

  161. vincentstiffler

    i think i saw an alien in my back yard once or twice who knows but it said some thing funny it look like a brown little man and it was good at jumping fences. so what did i see??????????????????????????????????………………………………..

  162. KAYLA


  163. bibiana


  164. uwais

    is its true if is then w have to be alert………………………

  165. bibiana

    every body aliens are real who ever thinks there.fake then they are a piece of junk because they are real…..guys watch videos and pictures…p.s.people who think aliens are real there ausome because its true so get peoples attention and say.that aliens are real. proof¡ sooo yeah and people who say aliens are real keep saying that.i am an alien trustrer and once an alien went on top of my house… u guys want to know what alien means im spanish? OVNI say it like this ovne well talk to you later gangsters that people who dont think aliens are real

  166. Arunmrvas.blogspot.con

    I con’t hope their is alien

  167. bre

    :) ;) love live life! >:)

  168. hai

    aliens lol

  169. haydar


  170. Justin

    Those aliens are real and i don’t get why
    people think aliens aren’t real there is tons of
    proof but then our government covers it up and lies to us saying aliens
    aren’t real.

  171. Justin

    one things that proves that aliens are real is the
    Roswell Incident

  172. Teal Lea

    ok. if some of you ARE odd enough to think youve seen aliens, listen to this. btw: im not saying your lying but not everyone sees ufos aliens,etc. i mean, its not a usual every day sight! come on! are the people that DO see them have something special? like in there personality of whatever? cause they cant just appear to everyone! there must be some pattern….. i personaly dont believe in them though. ive never had any hard-core proof.

  173. Teal Lea

    no i post this in april 2011 cause i got curious about this sorta thing but these pics really freak me out!

  174. Teal Lea

    Oh, seriously, I did NOT need to see those pics! IM SO CREEPED OUT!
    ~ Teal Lea

  175. Kevin Jackson

    Hey. My name is Kevin Jackson. I have full proof aliens exist. I have seen one. i am only 16, but i am very smart. My memory of the alien was that it came into my room, and explained how it could adapt to the language i spoke and explained everything it wanted to understand! They are here to learn what goes on in a human life! we are nothing but aliens to them!

  176. Daniel

    Well aleins are real cause there is a whole universe out there do you really think our God would really only make 1 race? Think about it wouldn’t you get tired of only seeing listening and answering 1 race I will give you 100 dollars EACH if aliens are fake. :-)

  177. Physics

    I don’t know alliens are real

  178. ricky

    are aliens real or not i am at school and i whant to know the truth sorry if i sound crazzy im 13

  179. Chris Capshaw

    Cool. Interesting.
    On one hand, they could be real. It may make sense.
    On the other hand, the government could be leaking out fake photos and telling us they are fake just so we wil leave them alone and think it is a conspiracy. It would be a good way to make us get off their backs, I have to admit.

    On the religious side, mabey God uses things like fake aliens, and starlight time to test our faith. I wouldn’t put it past him..

  180. Victor O.

    I knew a high ranking pilot named George Brown from the US Air Force that told me that he and his crew saw UFOs that could change direction in the air instantly and that he and some other pilots were told to follow it. He didn’t get to see through the “windows” of the strange vehicle to see if there were any aliens in it because he didn’t know what part of the vehicle was a window or not because of it’s strange design.

    The vehicle was so far beyond Earth technology that it scared him and it was hard to breathe and he started having panic attacks. His team flew back to base and got excited like they just had a brush with death even though the strange vehicle didn’t attack them or anything. It just took off faster than Mach 2.5 instantly. I googled that speed and it’s quite sick! Oh I forgot, the control panels on his buddy’s vehicle just STOPPED working when he got too close to the strange vehicle. That’s what made them turn back in the first place (besides the fact they couldn’t catch it).

    George said it’s OK to use his first and last name here because it’s not classified information so he can talk about that to civilians so I guess it’s cool that I type it here. I have nothing to gain from telling you this, I didn’t see any pictures of any aliens, and I am not trying to sell any kind of books or anything. Just telling you about a man who had great rank in the military and told me about something I know I can trust him about. If that wasn’t an extra-terrestrial piloting that weird vehicle, it must have been some foreign (like Russian or German?) craft and it wasn’t meant to be caught so it jetted out of there when it was being followed.

    It’s a fact that the universe is so large that our galaxy is kind of like a piece of sand in the Atlantic Ocean so I think in my opinion that there probably is extra-terrestrial life out there because to say there’s not would be an ignorant assumption not based upon any facts. (And our government in USA lies and hides A LOT of things from us to either protect us or have an upper hand in some way or whatever their reasoning is).

    I don’t remember all of the details except for the things I typed above that were burned into my mind. Pretty awesome. He won’t write a book because he doesn’t really have much info to say because this type of thing only happened a few times and that would be a short, boring, book. But I believe in aliens more than I don’t believe in them even though I have seen zero proof so far. (Maybe because it’s being hidden from me?) I don’t know.

  181. Jesse akomeah

    Looks like we got ourselves a nice proof but from what particular planet do they come from

  182. matt

    I am a Pleiadian, from planet Erra. However, i know about the Grays and the Reptilians. They are not aliens, they are Nephilim, or demons. Long ago, the fallen angels had sex with human females, because they thought that they were beautiful. This resulted in the Nephilim. However, Pleiadians and Andromedans are also Nephilim. Yet we turned out to be angelic,we are descendents of the Watchers. We keep this planet safe, really because in ww2 Hitler contracted with them, we got you out of that.

    My user name on youtube is mrgoldenguy100, i posted up a video. I did not get space in my video, because of the music. But the reason the Annuaki were created is because the Sirians and Orions couldn´t get along, they had a ceremony 2 males from one group and 2 females from the other.

  183. matt

    they formed a “tribe”
    But really, we are holding off the Reptilians as well as other races every day. They try to get into Earth and kill the people here, and make hybrids with people.

  184. Samuel

    Alien do Exist. Im a 13 year old and when I was 10 I saw a strange odject hovering in the sky. Probaly an Ufo

  185. Kate

    Aaron , The scientist right ?

    I just wanted to add, I’m not a scientist lol but, about the inflammation of the eyes,
    Skin can inflame because its elastic, stretchy, But an eye-ball, is it possible an eye-ball can inflame and stretch out that much and seem so clear, un-torn and just perfect really but a difference in size ?
    I’m just guessing that the texture, tissue or whatever of they eye-ball won’t stretch or at least not as much as that without being bloodshot and red maybe, unlike skin which i said can stretch.

    Maybe one of those conditions you mentioned is an explanation I duno because I’ve no idea what they are.

    Take care =)

  186. Kate

    lets say 1 planet to every 10 million in this HUGE universe is capable of creating life, that would round up at an estimate of 10 BiILLION planets that are capable of producing life through-out the whole universe and some people believe that this 1 planet (earth) is one of the 10 billion capable to be the ONLY ONE to have actually produced life ?

    Theres about or probably more according to actual research study, 100 BILLION planets in this universe. =)

    I believe at least a few of those ten billion planets capable of life, out of a hundred million have life on too, I suppose some people have to see to believe. =)
    I simply think the evidence leaked so far is enough for me.

  187. Kate

    ** ten billion out of a hundred billion sorry** lol

  188. mitra

    i am on the both edge of this fact .if there is a proof that there are billions of galaxies
    On this universe,then wont there be a single living being just like humans.
    At the same time due to many fake pictures this is something spooky….

  189. wayne wayne

    hey seen what me and my son believe to be an alien in ont canada they were 2 small floating dics one the size of a quarter and the other double that size they were like a jelly fish they but more transparent they had a power to control them selfs there was a ring that palsued around the outside edge and a spoke like shoot to the centre it seemed to aproach me when i juetured my hand towards it iit was deffently aware well if you have any other info on a simialer sighting be great to her about it me have plans to try to catch one in the works o by the way our sightings were 4 days apart and separated by a half mile

  190. arun raj

    i think it was real that the aliens are alive

  191. bebe

    Wow r they real pics

  192. jüri

    i belive in aliens i saw two ufos in night and day . i saw simething weird in outside when i was trying to brake the night record then i saw a aliien it was green and was walking like a alien

  193. CRAZYGIRL101

    Well i think that aliens are real. Like why would god create all these different species and stuff and only put it on earth. I am just saying that we should b prepared and ready. Because apparently they have been surviving in space with spaceships or some kind of technology. so they are way more advanced then us. we are like ants to them. they may be nice , but we never no whats out there. many people believe and some don’t but all the facts and stuff go into more believing they exist. so like if u believe in god and or science then u believe that aliens are real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALIENS EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. WE ARE HERE!

    It makes me sad i think i might cry those pictures are gruesome it’s just terrible that they aren’t treating the aliens civilized.

  195. X

    ok listen i honestly think these are fake its just to stereotypical everyone thinks these are what aliens WOULD look like but we honestly dont know and as long as we have a goverment we wont know but again these are fake aliens probably look different IF they are real at all we have no proof pictures can be edited so you cant rely on them people can lie so you cant rely on that either unless a alien invasion happens or they try to make intergalactic peace we will never know and agian why is it that everyone thinks they look like this they could look like a slug for all we know and honestly we wont ever know and also NO absoulutly NO real reliable proof that they exist so if you really want to know stop pretending like you got abducted stop editing pictures and stop surfing the internet for proof go out and look for yourself happy hunting

  196. hygf..frii

    humans are fools..we are exist..far from your age of centuries..

  197. maninder singh

    how many aliens are found on our earth can any body tell me ?

  198. Taylor Asher

    Look I’m only 11 years old I really am interested in aliens and a bunch of stuff like Big Foot or even Nessie the loch ness monster. I think this is some real proof but, why would’nt aliens come out and let it be known that they exist? I know that they take us on to their ships and we don’t remember a thing but know we did’nt have some strange burns on our skin i would like to meet some alien i want some more proof not that i dont beleive!! get back as soon as possible!

  199. mariam

    aliens are real cause if not why is there any planets?
    cause if there is no aliens there will be no reason for planets to be there.

  200. Myles

    hey u guys i was wondering if aliens are real or fake and if they will take over the world one day or not im just so confused…

  201. Hayden

    aliens are real. the universe is so big, huge, giant, filled with millions of gallaxies millions of lightyears millions of planets, the universe is so sooo big words cant even discribe how big it is. i am sure that there is intelligent life beyond our planet earth. if i ever found an alien i wouldnt toucher it and take it in for tests, and autopsies. i would just let it be, and not say anyhing about it….

  202. wale

    Although my primary believe is ‘THERE IS NOTHING CALLED ALIEN’ and the little proofs have been able to gather were not enough to convince my idea.So i strictly believe Aliens do not exist and if it exists some were,i know it would surely appear to the earth to show that it really exists.

  203. aimee

    ok so if aliens are real and well i believe they are why do we have to bother them an d cut them open juss to see how their minds work i mena im sure tht is what they wna do to us cuz they have no idea wat we are like i am juss sayin if they are real leave them alone they are juss tryin to live in this crazy world like the rest of us

  204. colton007

    i think aliens exsist and think they will become are friends in are live time

  205. arunkarthik

    yet am in confusion…!

  206. victoria

    i think they are not real it states in the bible that there is no other beings out there!!

  207. Meladi

    For those of you who do not already know. Aliens have been around long before men. Aliens and humans have been breeding “humaliens” for centuries. Aliens have a short life span whereas humans can sometimes live up to and beyond 100 years. Aliens do not want to be extinct so they need to breed ” humaliens” that will live longer lives. The government knows about all this and have agreed to these “experiments”. That is why many women are abducted. The men that are being abducted are being experimented on other things…like how the human body works. Just to clarify things, the same is being done with alien species. They too are being experimented on by humans which is part of the agreement, however, many scientist are not able accept this and have allowed information and evidence to leak. I believe that come Dec. 21, 2012, earth will transform to what I truly believe will be “history repeating itself.” A time when aliens and humans both walked the earth together.

  208. Censored

    Duhh!! Are you humans fricken kidding?!? Along time ago(before dinosaurs), there were humans just like you except with better technology. They were stolen ( by other beings) and replaced with those gigantic reptilian beasts( dinosaurs). As i was saying, very few of the human species have this special jean of a being from a different planet. This jean skips 3 generations. So basically if you have the special jean, your great, great grandpa or grandma had it, too. Sadly only pure bloods can help with invasions and stuff like that. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  209. Hari prakash

    ya, i believe the aliens are being in galaxy. i wonder the nature and the structural of galaxy and livings. thanks for the photos.

  210. zach

    let me tell you people something. aliens exist. do they have the capability to get here from where they are, who knows? there are billions of stars “suns” in our galaxy and so in others. there are parts we cant even see. there are also billions of galaxies. in an infinite universe, shouldnt there also be infinite possibilities. i havnt ever seen first hand evidence, only pictures like these but im willing to bet theyve seen us.

  211. zach

    Ok people. Stay with me for a minute here. aliens exist. I have never witnessed them myself but it is stupid to think we are the only ones with true self awareness in the universe. Its not the same as asking if you believe in god. Do they have the capability of getting here from where ever they live? I have no idea. Think about it. The universe is infinite right? Well then shouldn’t there also be infinite possibilities. Its the only thing that makes sense. There are billions of stars “suns” in our galaxy and so in others. There are also billions of galaxies. Take a look at the night sky once in a while. You might just find the reassurance you need.

  212. me!

    UFO’s might be real but that doesnt mean aliens are!!

  213. Alison

    I cant belive these pictures are real! Its amazing about the things in life that you neber know about!Emaile please!

  214. nicole

    wow that is amazing my mom says that there not real can u please telll her there real?

  215. nicole

    hey we saw a UFO at texas houston and it went in our backyard how can we get it outttt!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  216. brandon

    I look at all these pictures and I just have to wonder, has no one seen an alien movie? Those look real, and so do some of these. The way I see it is this, if, and that is a big if, if aliens were real and the government wanted it covered up do you really think that I’d be able to search, “Aliens” on google search and get all these pictures? According to the conspiracy theorists the government has been shutting people up for the last hundred years when it comes to aliens so why are these photos and videos so accessible to the general public? Easy, they are fakes. When aliens really come and touch down we’ll know. Until then believe what you want, but take into account that if they didn’t want you to know, you wouldn’t. If you are one of the “abducted” people out there. Don’t you think the government would have shut you up by now? Since they silence everyone?
    Think about it.
    I’m not saying aliens don’t exist, I’m just saying it’s going to take more than a few googled photo shopped alien pictures to convince me.

  217. stel

    its true because in manila in holy spirit i saw an UFO the aliens plane that is so shiny with red,yellow,and with green.thats i think.

  218. leel

    i think its fact but also maybe its true in the image that the general shakehands to the alien

  219. Sean

    I beleve aliens are real watch apollo 18 it will prove it that is a true story



  221. rolando garcia

    this are really cool pictures of aliens but i still dont think aliens are real.

  222. Rhianna Marusek

    haha honestly i dont think aliens exist but these pictures r hard 2 ignore…

  223. millie.l

    well done that has taught me alot about aliens and now I konw what I need to know.

  224. PADMA

    If the alliens pictures above shown are true . What are the ways to take a look of them in real.

  225. Justin Beiber

    Never say aliens don’t exist. Never say never to the existence of aliens

  226. Romano ryan

    I live in south africa and we only get media from basically USA and Europe… All the info we receive is from white countries… Leaving me spectical because all the aliens appear white… I believe in aliens because the universe would be a waste to only sustain life on earth… Anybody with proof please holla at me … I really appreciate it… To the owner of this site… Its totally popping

  227. Romano ryan

    Its funny that aliens don’t come to Africa

  228. joshmo

    I am a true believer that aliens are visiting us. However, I believe in this phenomena because of evidence through research in this field that I have come to trust as verified proof. These pictures are not evidence and they are definitely not proof. Read “UFO’s and the National Security State” by Richard Dolan. Now THAT will give one the right information to come to a conclusion on one’s own about this phenomena. Not some pictures that can be doctored and made to look like what we would make out “aliens” to look like.

  229. NeOn

    i think alien really help to build the pyramid :/

  230. Kenny

    Think these photo’s are SCARY, Check out the Hotel rates in Roswell!!!

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