Alien Tattoos

Written on Nov 23, 2009 // .

Just to be clear, um, this post concerns humans with alien tattoos–we didn’t locate any tattooed aliens.  And seeing as how most aliens aren’t shy about exposing their skin, if they’ve got ink it is likely to be visible.

The gallery below shows a nice assortment of alien tattoo designs.

This dude has an extensive back-piece design featuring a Gray type alien face on the back of his head.  On his shoulder is a alien spaceship and landing party.  Cool idea.

This woman has  nicely stylized art based on the xenomorph tattoo from the Aliens movies.

A cute alien baby with a rattle.

Here’s a picture of a cow being abducted by an alien spaceship tractor beam.

E.T.’s head.

A predator tattoo design on an arm.

A nice blue tatoo alien with stars around its head.

A green and blue alien stylized head.

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  1. Sam

    Tattoo #1 is very nice!

  2. shameila

    :D nice

  3. shameila

    :D :( :) ;) :P

  4. big johnson


  5. margot

    Im so glad this exists! <3

  6. boi

    1st is very cool


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