Aliens on Earth

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Are there extraterrestrial aliens on planet earth?

Here are the main possibilities

1) Aliens live in the core of Earth

Edmund Halley (of Halley’s comet fame), Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe et al. have advanced the notion of aliens living inside the earth, either deep in caves or inside a hollow alien-created sphere we know as Earth.

2) Aliens cohabitate Earth in a different dimension

Humans deal in a three dimension world, or a four dimension world if one would like to include time as a fourth dimension.  If we postulate other dimensions, those could be inhabited by aliens, who we would not directly experience as they would be outside our five senses.

3) Aliens are on earth as life of extraterrestrial origin

This theory postulates that life from other planets could travel to earth either by radiation pressure, as microorganisms in rock, or by some deliberate attempt by extraterrestrials to seed the universe.

4) Hybrid aliens

Based on abduction reports, some believe that aliens (primarily Greys) are making human alien hybrids.  One method is to extract human eggs  and sperm and combine them with alien DNA.

5) Aliens in collaboration with the government

A Men in Black theory that aliens and the government have reached an agreement to let aliens live on Earth, perhaps in exchange for their advanced technology.

6) Matrix reality

Like the movie, this idea is that aliens control the Earth, and have created a virtual reality for humans.  Humans are actually in a womb-like container their entire lives, being feed computer generated sights, sounds, touch, smell, taste.  Aliens are able to harvest energy from humans.

Which of these six scenarios do you believe is most likely?

And now for something completely different:

Just having some fun w/ photoshop to make this
Nicole Kidman Space-Alien/Earth-Human Hybrid

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  1. SpecialK

    Hard to explain, time is a form of unstable matter, a substance created by electro magnetic residue decaying. Our dimensional state as all things is altering and fluxing in a constant battle of magnitism. Mass tends to create gravity a pull on dimensional attraction and repellants on mass and possible exchanges.

    I would choose number 1 and 2 as possible.

  2. Esther

    the other day i was watching the history channel… hehe…and they were talking ’bout evolution. supposedly, there were two species of homo sapiens, but we dominated [killed off] our cousins. what if… we didnt? could it be a possibility that they evolved to be much smarter and advanced than us? what if these ‘aliens’ are them?… eek…getting chills just thinking bout all this stuff.

  3. bushra

    i want to know more

  4. ram

    i want to know more about aliens

  5. Sheila

    Help me, please! There’s an alien in my belly! It’s about to burst out of me!!! I’m extremely hungry! I’m growing! I’m growing! My fingers are two big to make wordsssssssssssereord a lfkjasflma aldfal jflasdf!!@!$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sonal

    alien women (real) saying iwill eat you

  7. dead

    help! look an alien in my room. no kidding! superb, freaky and wonderful alien. it is about to eat me up and i m gone. whoa and here i land in hell.

  8. Michelle

    Oh no!!! an alien is about to eat me !!!! haha NOT REAL , ALIENS ARE NOT REAL its called sarcasem

  9. Kally Gomez

    I like the matrix theory. But whoever came up with that idea wasnt for fact, but for fiction. And an intriguing idea for thir movie and more $.

  10. fernndo

    that is probally girl+alien=alien girl!

  11. snookums

    i think aliens are adorable!! haha and michelle shut up.. they could be real you never know… and you know you believe in them as much as the next person.. so stop trying to be and _out-cast_!!!!! :)

  12. hey

    aliens are not real ok really get a grip!!.xx

  13. The Pink Power Ranger

    I completly argee with every teyriydlg a zombie is choking me.

  14. TheUnforgiven

    aliens real or not? hard call. why would we b so arrogant to think we r the only planet with life. i think, if there were, and the govermnent knew about it, i think people now would accept it and even like it.if they exposed it. even humans get bored with humans. heck i would go live with aliens if they were ok with that.

  15. suresh

    i want know more about aliens . aliens its there are not

  16. alien

    i am an alien i come in peace !!!

  17. prettyongthang1

    I was watching You Tube and there are many different opinions about these so called aliens. What I can see from just nosing around on the internet, I think that they are really demons not from another world but from hell. Do some research first before stating your opinions please people……..

  18. why?

    why u make aliens in green colour or got a small head or a big one why u make them diffrent look of us why u dont think that they look like us the same of u s human but in diffrent planet

  19. Jesus Landru

    I hope aliens overthrow all the Govts on earth, put in decent folks. I dont care if they take us over as we had it coming. I will join them in revolt!!!

  20. Unknown Person

    If you guys think that only Humans live in this endless universe, then this wouldn’t be logical at all. hum! Humans!

  21. krishna

    hey one more thing!
    In hindu mytheology, there are three states. One is Heaven, second one earth, and third is Paathaal, the area beneath the earth.
    there is stories in hindu puranas about this.

  22. Censored

    Sorry. My “cell phone” thing sent my comment before I was done. As I was saying, Duhh!! Are you humans fricken kidding?!? Along time ago(before dinosaurs), there were humans just like you except with better technology. They were stolen ( by other beings) and replaced with those gigantic reptilian beasts( dinosaurs). As i was saying, very few of the human species have this special jean of a being from a different planet. This jean skips 3 generations. So basically if you have the special jean, your great, great grandpa or grandma had it, too. Sadly only pure bloods can help with invasions and stuff like that. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  23. pizza girl

    you call that an alian nasty

  24. Unknowwn

    now i do agree with the pink pwoer ranger… i belive zombies more then i do aliens

  25. priyanka

    no one hv a perfect proof uh? y u ppl r always talkin. . Jus prove it if u r damn sure abt de existence of aliens. .

  26. brandy

    What if aliens been here the whole time they don’t look different, then humans started breeding with humans to fit in the only different is the know things like the future or can tell your lieing can move things with there mind or heal u with a touch the only reason I give this theroy is a story passed down threw my family




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